Black Mountain Metals


As electric vehicle sales projections continue to climb, so does the need for Class I Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, and rare earth metals. As such, Black Mountain formed Black Mountain Metals in mid-2018 to capitalize on opportunities offered by a potential fundamental shift in focus. The Black Mountain Metals’ leadership team is currently pursuing a development strategy around Class I Nickel in Western Australia where it is seeking to acquire nickel sulphide assets. With discussions to secure a foothold in Western Australian underway, Black Mountain Metals anticipates launching a substantial nickel production base in the coming months.

Why Battery Metals

At over $20 billion dollars a year, nickel is already one of the world’s most important metal markets. However, with the rise in demand for electric vehicles, nickel is potentially on the cusp of a fundamental supply shift where quality over quantity becomes paramount. According to UBS Securities Australia Ltd., the manufacture of rechargeable electric vehicle batteries could drive 10 to 40 percent of nickel demand by 2025. Black Mountain Metals is focused on sourcing and producing Class 1 Nickel, specifically nickel sulphide which, with its high purity and dissolvability, is an integral component of EV battery cell manufacturing.