Since 2016, Black Mountain has invested over $900 million in natural resource development, amassing a breadth of experience in oil and gas exploration and development, mineral acquisitions, salt water disposal, battery metals, in-basin frac sand, and more.
Read below to follow our progress through the years.
MARCH 2007

Black Mountain is Founded

Founder and CEO Rhett Bennett establishes Black Mountain in Spring of 2007 as a mineral royalty acquisition company.

Black Mountain Disposal is Established

Having successfully delivered impressive returns on investments for various join ventures with other disposal well operators, the management team decides it is time to capitalize on their strong track record and starts Black Mountain Disposal, LP. Black Mountain Disposal initiates, develops, and operates class II commercial salt water facilities to serve oil and gas operators in various geologic basins.

Black Mountain Disposal Sells for $50M

Two years after it’s formation, Black Mountain Disposal sells for $50 Million to Goodnight Midstream, a fluids management company based in Dallas, Texas. Read the Press Release below.

Black Mountain Announces $150M Equity Commitment with NGP

“Our partnership with NGP will allow us to evaluate a broad opportunity set and move quickly when we identify a clear line of sight to value creation,” said Rhett Bennett, Founder and CEO of Black Mountain. “This is a unique and challenging market, but one that we believe will create opportunity with the right partner.” Read more in the press release below.
MAY 2016

Fort Worth Mineral Co. is Founded

Recognizing the ground-shifting impact of the Shale Revolution on mineral ownership, Rhett Bennett starts Fort Worth Mineral Company to pursue the acquisition of producing and non-producing mineral interests in active shale plays across the United States. Shale plays are contiguous hydrocarbon-rich formations spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles deep beneath the surface of the earth. Because of the contiguous nature of the rock, shale plays exhibit consistent geology and pressure characteristics, which allow more precise asset valuation on an acre-by-acre basis –– thus allowing oil and gas interest owners an opportunity to monetize their ownership stakes.

Black Mountain Oil & Gas Spuds Cypress 1H

Black Mountain Oil and Gas spuds the first well on its acreage in Eddy County, New Mexico.
MARCH 2017

Black Mountain Oil & Gas Sells Permian Assets for $700M to Marathon Oil

Black Mountain Oil and Gas closes sale of $700 Million in 21,000 net surface acres in the Northern Delaware Basin to Marathon Oil. Read the Press Release below.
APRIL 2017

Black Mountain Sand is Founded

With private equity backing, Black Mountain assembles a formidable portfolio of logistically advantaged frac sand in the hottest US market for the consumable. With first mover advantage, they are now working on the build-out of the largest regional sand mine announced in the Permian Basin so far. The facility will be the industry’s second frac mine in the Permian, and the first of multiple facilities. Read more in the article below.
JULY 2017

Black Mountain Sand Begins Construction in the Permian

It’s the biggest sand mining project in the Permian Basin announced by any one company so far, even exceeding those of public frac sand companies. In the end, there will be two separate plants, each about 200 acres and each capable of producing 4 million tons of sand per year.

Black Mountain Oil & Gas Spuds Atticus 45 1H

Black Mountain Oil and Gas spuds the first well on its acreage in Pecos County, Texas.
MAY 2018

Black Mountain Sand Expands into the Eagle Ford Shale

Black Mountain Sand expands into the Eagle Ford Shale with the acquisition of 2,300 acres in Atascosa County and the construction of it’s third frac sand mine. Read more in the article below.
MAY 2018

Black Mountain Metals is Founded

Black Mountain Metals is a global battery metals mining company based in Perth, Australia. It specializes in spearheading battery metal projects from development into production to ensure demand for battery metals could be met.

Black Mountain Closes on 1.7M Acres in Canning Basin, Western Australia

Black Mountain acquires 1.7 million acres of highly prospective tight gas acreage in Western Australia. Black Mountain will utilize the combined technical expertise of its companies to explore for natural gas resources in the basin.

Black Mountain Carbon Lock is Founded

Black Mountain Carbon Lock is formed to develop commercial scale CO2 management projects internationally and lead the global energy transition to net-zero emissions.